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What is this page?

This page links to the source code and instructions for Tether Forever, an OldCoder tether­ing procedure.

One Laclin-specific pro­gram, psocks, is required. However, psocks is quite port­a­ble to other Linux distros. So, Tether Forever should work es­sen­tial­ly everywhere.

In short, for most phone plans that have mobile data, Tether Forever should let you tether in cases where phone companies try to block it due to you using your own phone as opposed to one of theirs.

Tether Forever won't get you free Internet. It does get you the data that you've paid for. This is perfectly legal. It's the phone companies that are argu­ab­ly breaking laws by tell­ing you'll be able to tether and then saying that you can't.

Tether Forever offers these advantages:

* You don't need a rooted phone
* You don't need sshuttle on the PC side
* You don't need Python 2 or 3 on the phone side
* You don't need fire­wall tricks for basic oper­a­tions

* Both TCP and UDP are sup­port­ed
* It's based on USB Tethering. This approach is fast.
* The phone used stays charged. However, its battery may age faster.

The main disadvantages of Tether Forever are that it's for Android phones and Linux CLI experts only. This said, if you're a Linux CLI expert, it's easy enough to do.

To obtain the source code for psocks and to read the Tether Forever documentation, visit the fol­low­ing link:

The documentation is in the cfg file. Note: It's stored in text as opposed to HTML format.

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