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What is this page?

This page explains how to tunnel ssh and TCP traffic in general out from behind a hos­tile firewall such as a fire­wall located at a car-wash or motel room.

The pro­ce­dure is sup­port­ed by Laclin but it'll work for many other distros as well. The tar­get audience is Linux CLI devs.

Suppose that you're at a car-wash or another place where there's wifi but it isn't under your control. Web-browsing works but ssh is block­ed. Or ssh works but you'd like to protect TCP traffic in general.

If it's one of those setups that works only with Windows and you need to log-in to some auth page, stop here. Use tether­ing instead.

If web browsing in general works, you can often tunnel out as fol­lows. However, this won't work if the fire­wall that you're going through is high-grade.

Requirements: (a) ssh and sshuttle on local box. (b) An out­side ssh-able Linux VPS or dedi under your control. (c) sshd on the out­side box.

Some of the oper­a­tions discussed here may require root privs on the client box and/or the out­side box.

If the out­side box is running a web­server on the usual ports, TCP 80 and 443, you'll need to stop the web­server. This will take down the as­soc­i­a­ted web­sites.

You'll need to make a change on the out­side box. This can be done (a) be­fore you visit the hos­tile environment or (b) while you're there by way of tether­ing.

On the out­side box, make a copy of the sshd_config file that is in use. Call it sshd443 or any reason­able name that you wish. Edit the copy. For example:

cd /etc/ssh/
cp sshd_config sshd443
nano sshd443

Delete any existing Port setting and add the fol­low­ing line:

Port 443

Save and exit. Start a copy of sshd on port 443 as follows:

nohup  `which  sshd`  -f  sshd443  >&  /tmp/moo.log  &

Log out of the out­side box.

On the client box in the hos­tile environment, edit $HOME/.ssh/config and add a block simi­lar to the following:

Host magic443
User root
Hostname 111.222.333.444
Port 443
IdentityFile ~/moo.key

For example: nano $HOME/.ssh/config

If $HOME/.ssh/ and/or $HOME/.ssh/config don't already exist, create the dir­ec­tory and/or the file.

Modify each of the settings except for the Port setting as is neces­sary and/or desired.

User should speci­fy the account that you wish to use on the out­side box. Hostname should speci­fy the IPV4 for the out­side box. IdentityFile should speci­fy an abso­lute or "~"-rela­tive pathname for the private-key file to use.

You should now be able to ssh to the out­side box using this command:

ssh magic443

You can also use the usual ssh re­dir­ec­tion trick to route web browsing through the out­side box. First, exe­cute a CLI com­mand similar to this one:

sudo ssh -p443 -4 -v -i ~/moo.key -C2TNv -D 3001 magic443

Modify the key-file path­name and the magic443 label as is neces­sary and/or desired. 3001 here is an arbi­trary but unused TCP port num­ber.

Then set up a SOCKS5 proxy at the web-browser level. For example, if you're using Chromium and Switchy­Sharp, the Switchy­Sharp settings would look like this:

SOCKS Host Port 3001. SOCKs v5. No Proxy for localhost;; <local>

To redirect all TCP traffic through the out­side box, and as a side effect of that permit ssh to any out­side box with­out further ssh config-file tricks, exe­cute sshuttle using a CLI com­mand similar to the following:

sudo sshuttle -r magic443 0/0

Three advisories:

(a) If you run sshuttle and then term­in­ate that pro­cess, net­work­ing may be mixed up and you may need to reboot.

(b) This pro­ce­dure doesn't dir­ect­ly route UDP or DNS through the out­side box. Some proxies may sup­port DNS re­dir­ec­tion at their level.

(c) This pro­ce­dure doesn't run ssh over https in the sense that the https protocol is used. Instead, it runs ssh over the stand­ard https port and thereby tunnels through low- to medium-grade firewalls. So, as noted previously, it won't work with high-grade firewalls.

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