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0010_xfishtank <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0020_xrestop <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0030_libdockapp <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0040_wmmoonclock <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0050_wmmp3 <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0060_wmressel <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0070_wmdots <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0080_mtools <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0090_syslinux <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0100_makebootfat <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0110_touchstop <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0120_acpilight <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0130_xsel <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0140_xwit <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0150_aterm <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0160_enca <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0170_bullet <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0180_stalonetray <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0190_giflib4 <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0200_giflib5 <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0210_plotutils <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0220_ifsplot <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0230_ttf <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0240_ucs-fonts <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0250_fig2dev <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0260_xfig <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0270_gifsicle <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0280_grabc <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0290_lesstif <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0300_libungif <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0310_openssh <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0320_autossh <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0330_n2n <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0340_rsync <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0350_slock <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0360_xse <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0370_ralcgm <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0380_irrlicht <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0390_libglpng <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0400_libgringotts <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0410_libkxl <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0420_libnextaw <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0430_liboglappth <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0440_libva <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0450_linux-pam <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0460_tiff <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0470_libgd <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0480_vnstat <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0490_tiff38 <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0500_libwebp <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0510_foxtoolkit <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0520_hp2xx <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0530_lincity <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0540_gv <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0550_xv <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0560_imlib2 <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0570_giblib <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0580_startnoti <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0590_xclip <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0600_xearth <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0610_yudit <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
0620_postxwin <Folder> <Folder> <Folder>
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This is the Laclin package source tree. It's online for the first time after 25 years.

The distro core frame­works such as the build system, distro manage­ment scripts, and a user con­figura­tion tem­plate are sep­ar­ate pieces that will be post­ed at a later stage. The CPAN and PyPi mirrors used will be post­ed sep­ar­ate­ly as well.
Special feature: A link of the following form will jump dir­ect­ly to the src-tree dir­ec­tory for the speci­fied pack­age [pro­vid­ed that the pack­age exists]:

Substitute the package name of interest for smc here.
Warning: Don't try to stay synced using “rsync” or any sim­i­lar pro­gram. The dir­ec­tory names are num­ber­ed and the num­bers change fre­quent­ly. If you try to sync in this manner, you'll end up down­load­ing giga­bytes repeated­ly.

An alternate sync or update process will imple­ment­ed to use in place of “rsync”.
The “cfg” files are similar to Gentoo “ebuild” files. They specify depend­en­cies, build pro­ce­dures, upstream links, and other package build pieces.

Patch files, if any, are stored in a source dir­ec­tory's “patch” sub­directory.
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